Professor Ali zarifi esfahani etching of myth Iran and Isfahan

Because of his interest in engraving father chose this career and the first  professor was taghi the late MT and worked for three years with him . Then scroll up to   ten years with Professor arab.  Arabs learned the art  of etching

A professor zarifi esfahani of etching and achievements that established a new style in the arts ( motion Flzrvy metal ) respectively

Teacher for more than 70 years of  his life in  the realm of  fine art etching  lived and ever   awarded  several honorary doctorates , one art show a different result

He was known   as Isfahan province of Art and Culture ,   has been   honored by   presidents and  secretaries

Professor zarifi Esfahani many years as a professor at the University of Art and College of Education students have been busy campus

The artists featured in the Museum of Iran, and the stamping of the world has been exposed to art enthusiasts His works such as Girl Talk, from childhood to old age .... Always be remembered